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Artfull Mother ~ Summer 2015

Creating Sacredness Through Henna

In this issue; we explore the sacredness of pregnancy with Erin Witbeck. She explains how we make create sacredness and by choosing a medium like henna we can find “our deepest knowing.” “To walk in beauty and be adorned and reminded of your intentions, fears, wishes and hopes as the dye temporarily tattoos the skin with symbols of what was, what is, and what will be. “ We have an exciting birth story “Fire” from Kirsten Westby, where she describes an exciting birth that is more fun to remember, than it was to go through the first time. SarahKate introduces us to one of the truly brilliant minds in the Boulder birthing community, Jenevieve Russell.

If that weren't enough, in this: “The Summer Issue” of Artfull Mother, we have photos of more than 15 beautiful women, all from the Front Range of these Colorado Rocky Mountains! Sending out a special Yeeeyyyyoooeeeee to our Cover Model; Bindi, gorgeously pregnant then, she is now, the glowing mother of a new baby; again! Heart felt congratulations Bindi! See the rest of her pics along with these Goddesses' pictures: Jaime, Dzien, Elizabeth, Erin M, Sarah, Erin W, Betsy, Emily, Baily, Sanam, Kirsten, Alli, Morgan, Erin M, Genevieve and Lyndsay in the Summer 2015 issue!