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Artfull Mother ~ Fall 2015

The Postpartum edition

In this issue we explore the postpartum time of motherhood, it's what we have all been waiting for, meeting your new little one for the first time! This Issue features beautiful photos of women pregnant and then, as mamas with their brand new babies!  We also have a must read interview with The moma'hood's Katie Wise, in her 1 woman effort to remove some of the sigma from Postpartum Depression, in part by candidly discusses her own 'bout, after the birth of her first child, what she did the second time around and how well it worked for her.

We also have some AMAZING guest artists including Amy Haderer, a Denver artist & doula, shares some of her artwork from her latest project, The Mandala Journey.  We have a nice birth story and photos from, Monet Nicole, who we are hoping to see lots more of around Artfull Mother's pages.  Lets not forget  Boulder's own, we have a nice Q & A session with Tarah DeVries Beyer,  from a Dimple in Time, brings us some of her extra fine Momma & baby photos.

In the Fall issue of Artfull Mother there are more than 14 beautiful pregnant mothers (to be), brand new mama's with their new babies and women breastfeeding their dear ones!.