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FamilySong is an upbeat, world music class for families with young children. We are a multicultural celebration of song and dance, singing songs about the season we are in, that honor our earth and our relations with each other.

FamilySong Music encourages kids’ love of music by creating an inclusive, laid back, musically rich environment where families sing songs from around the world, play many instruments, and practice moving to the beat with live guitar and drumming.

Each session of FamilySong Music Class comes with a FamilySong Music CD.  Each of the 22 songs on the CD has a ‘featured instrument:’ djembe, shakere, steel drum, agogo bell, piano, guitar, and many more!

Each week in class, teacher Kristin McLean brings a ‘featured instrument’ to class to play and share with the kids and families!  Kids love hearing, seeing and getting a turn to play the new instrument.

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