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Denver Center for Birth and Wellness provided an environment of care that empowers, supports, and partners with women to achieve and maintain health at all phases of their lives. We will offer the midwifery model of care in a uniquely comfortable environment with a goal of developing a life-long, personal relationship together. 


There are many qualities that make Denver Center for Birth and Wellness unique, and they all revolve around your comfort and providing the best possible birth experience for you and your family. Here are a few ways we are different from other care models:

-Ample time reserved for you and your midwife at every appointment

-Exam tables/rooms will be reserved for when they are needed, not your regular appointments

-Low midwife-to-patient ratio, so you'll know your midwife well before you labor with her

-We offer you the opportunity to stay longer with us postpartum to rest and be supported in your transition

-Meals, lactation consulting, 24-hour nurse on-site and comfort services will be provided during your stay

We will offer a home-like space where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea with your midwife. She will take the time to ensure that you and your partner have a chance to get all your questions answered and for you to get to know each-other. You will listen to your baby's heartbeat, discuss any areas of concern, consult about nutrition, discuss care decisions, and talk about you and your partner's hopes, fears, and excitement in preparation for birth and beyond.

When the time comes to deliver, our midwives will help support you in safely welcoming your baby. Mama, baby, and partner are invited to take advantage of around-the-clock access to staff support for questions, comforts, and to help create a peaceful opportunity to bond during your stay. We personally go out of our way to make your first days as easy and enjoyable as possible, offering tasty meals, massage, and lactation consulting on-site. 

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