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Bundle is a cloth diaper service and eco baby shop based in Boulder, Colorado.

As a diaper service we deliver the highest quality diapers to families all over the Boulder and Denver metro areas in the most eco-friendly way possible (organic cotton diapers, waterproof cloth bags, biodiesel delivery van, 100% wind powered operation).  We even plant a tree in honor of every child that diapers with us.

Cloth diapers have been reborn as a modern convenience; they are stylish and incredibly easy to use. Bundle makes your decision to cloth diaper- whether for environmental reasons or for your baby's health - easy, economical, and fun to follow through with.

Our collection of highly-functional and insanely-cute green gear will help you minimize your footprint with style. We carry products that are responsibly made, gentle on the environment, pleasing to the eye, and useful for families. We love to support mama-crafters and other small companies.

We love that we get to be a part of the lives of so many families as they prepare for a new baby, celebrate the birth, and eventually inch along towards potty training. We know what an important time of life this is, and we hope to get to know you a bit along the way. Our shop is run by loving moms - we love our kids, the environment, our community, and, of course, our humanity.  Come hang out with us!  We have a great cozy couch to nurse your baby, play with your toddler, and talk about the meaningful and maybe not-so-meaningful stuff in life.  

Bundle believes that families benefit enormously from a strong community to offer support and guidance. We hope to be one gateway that helps you navigate parenthood and locate community resources when you need them.

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