Sacred Pregnancy

Sacred Pregnancy Classes grew out of Anni Daulter's book Sacred Pregnancy, and she has taught hundreds of women to lead these classes all over the world. These gatherings are s special place for pregnane women to connect with one another and their pregnancy expereinces in personal and meaningful ways. They bring bacak the age old tradition of wome sitting with one another durin an increedu bly powerful rite of passage! Many women tell me it's the most important pregnancy class they did and that years later they are still hanging out with this special circle of women they met pregnant. These photos were from a Sacred Pregnancy gathering led by Mind Arbuckle at Miatri Yoga.

These groups are led by amazing local women like Mindy Arbuckle, Jessica Bates, Niki Dewart, Erin Witbeck and more. Check the Sacred Pregnancy website to see what classes are being offered.  

Posted by: SarahKate