Dancing for Birth

Dancing for birth can be a wonderful, gentle exercise that every pregnant mama can enjoy - even though who feel they have "two left feet". It was founed in 2001 by Stephhanie Larson in Missouri. She supports birth through movement, teaching expectant mothers simple moves for safrer, esier birth. Many teachers have been trained in this method, and I've heard numerous women come and tell me how much they loved their Dance for Birth Classes. These photos are from an art project I did with Debbie in 2016 - it was so fun! 

Locations for Classes:

Debbie Lane used to teach these classes at the Family Garden (now closed), currently she teaches at Community Roots Midwife Collective in Longmont - Tuesday evenings 6:30pm-7:30pm, Sept 12, 19 & 26th. 

Look for Debbie at Mamalove in Boulder, she'll be teaching Mondays 12:15-1:30pm, Sept 11, 18, 25 and Oct 2nd. 

The mama'hood in Denver occasionally has Dance for Birth Classes (check their calendar), but I do believe their main instructor gave birth recently! 


Posted by: SarahKate