Celebrating Brithdays with ART

 I'll never forget the first birthday I celebrated with henna - I was 27 years old and had been adorned by my friend as a birthday gift. The experience of walking around in this massive, gorgeous tattoo was unique experience, unlike anything else. I celebrated at Eliches with her and a couple of girlfriends and I LOVED getting all the compliments for the art. A highlight for sure!
  A couple years later I had the courage to try to do a little henna myself. What a life changing decision! Nearly 14 years have passed since that first henna kit, and I celebrate every birthday with body art. These photos are from my most recent birthday - I'm up to Level 43!  
 Discovering my medium of henna as an artist was the key that unlocked a door bursting with creativity. At first it was a hobby, I adorned myself, my family and friends. At 34 I began a personal art project to find healing on my fertility path by adorning pregnant mamas. Through this art project I discovered my favorite canvas: the pregnant belly. Truly, art that celebrates motherhood is the most meaningful art I create. Especially when it's a woman's first, because it's her rite of passage into Motherhood, and I get a chance to acknowledge that. I believe rites of passage are important! 6 volumes of art came out of that project, and it continues on in different form. (http://www.blurb.com/user/SarahKate74?filter=bookstore&page=2&profile_preview=true)
  For years I listened to the stories of new and expecting mothers, 
    of mothers with 7 children, 
    grandmothers and great grandmothers, 
    women who wish they could be mothers, 
    women who have not been pregnant but are mothers (like me).... 
    and I felt like their stories were important. Sometimes they would show me their art, their poetry - and it was beautiful. It needed to be heard, to be seen. I started exploring the idea of a magazine when I turned 40 and printed the first issue of Artfull Mother the next year. (see all the back issues: http://www.artfullmother.com/magazine-back-issues)
     10 issues later, I feel a deep gratitude for this path. I love that my work gives me the opportunity to share these stories I've heard, creating a platform for the local  mothers who are artists & writers. I love getting to know the mothering community better, seeing how we are all interwoven. One of my favorite things is to go to women's circles and celebrate rites of passage, and I'm especially grateful to all the women who have opened up their home and heart to me to be part of their sister community, if only for an evening. This art project has grown larger than I ever dreamed!
  Art pours out of me all the time. In addition to the weekly henna appointments & photography sessions (make an appointment!), I also love to draw. I've been a doodler since high school and find one shape flowing into the next. I am about to launch the first product I've created around drawing - my Stickers & Coloring Collection. I will be releasing this month, so watch for giveaways on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Sarahkatebutterworthcom-118157254894/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/artfullmother/?hl=en) and sign up on my email news letter to get all the details to order. (http://www.sarahkatebutterworth.com/
  More art comes through me as I bake for my family, do my own kind of yoga, play the piano, and of course - when I dance my heart out. 
  I'd love to hear from you! What art do you love to create? What stories or poems do you have about your motherhood journey? Email me at SarahKate@ArtfullMother.com

Posted by: SarahKate